Exterior Design

Red Carpet Project

A signing project that functions as a luminous red carpet. It’s made out of glowing tiles that are used as signage to the entrance of an old renovated chapel in The Netherlands. During the research, the studio wanted to take a different approach on signing and its original set up.

Instead of using actual signs, we went back to the essence of welcoming people and tried to make a functional and original design which appeals to the imagination. We wanted to give the visitors of the chapel ‘the red-carpet treatment’. The red carpet has a long history of welcoming people, but nowadays it’s used for status. In this case we went back to the origin and created an honourable and exclusive medium to point out the entrance, and make the visitors feel welcome.

The playful sprinkle pattern blends in perfectly with its environment; you won’t notice the signing when it’s off. The led tiles are bright enough to be functional during every time of the day, and are strongly fixated in the ground to withstand the cars driving over it.