Interior design


For the interior design of Keilekker, a sausage roll bakery in Den Bosch, artisanal tradition and contemporary innovation have been brought together. The aim was not only to create a physical space but to craft a holistic experience where the past and future of Keilekker harmoniously blend.

With a touch of humor and fresh use of color, the coziness and quaintness of the old bakery have been reintroduced, providing customers with an immediate wow effect upon entering. The interior exudes the atmosphere of artisanal sausage roll production, with a central focus on the production process.

This design is more than just aesthetic; it narrates the story of Keilekker as a social enterprise. Just like founder Remco Beekman, we believe in second chances and have contributed to creating a warm, inclusive space where talents flourish. Welcome to the flavorful world of Keilekker, where the interior is as heartwarming as the sausage rolls themselves.